Feature films and TV content from all over the world are dubbed by a seasoned team of language experts at our in-house studio in New Delhi and our partner studios across Indian cities and Overseas. We work across genres such as Feature Films, Non-fiction, Docu-Drama, Kids-Animation, TV Commercial and more. We see dubbing as the art of transforming one original into a new original. Every project is unique and it’s our job to do justice to the original. Translating and localising everything, down to the smallest detail, into a new language is a difficult task that we take very seriously.



Subtitling requires a lot more than simply creating a word-for-word translation of a script. Our translators understands the content they are working on, retain the meaning and context of the original version and convey that in another language. We also ensure to edit the translated version to meet the parameters of the subtitles, taking into account things such as reading speed, characters-per-line limits, timing and positioning.