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The digital era has arrived. Every brand’s preferred method of communication. Digital content is among the simplest and fastest ways to create excellent communication information in Indian and global languages. Digital-OTT Platforms have grown as a form of amusement on par with motion pictures in regards to quality and content, ushering in a new era of entertainment. Our professionals guarantee that your work retains its original tone. At BOL, dubbing has always been done by skilled linguists who represent the cultural subtleties of your work authentically. The technical criteria of your target nation and area are met by our dubbed version.

For the procedure, the service seekers and the professionals cast the voice professional based on fluency, accent, and gender. We ensure that the new linguistic recording time is in synchronization with the original audio length throughout post-production. To convert the source language into the native languages, film dubbing is necessary. Our specialists with a dubbing studio are able to provide high-grade service while maintaining the film’s creative integrity.

For a long time, we’ve been delivering documentary dubbing for various Indian television stations. In India, we provide dubbing services for documentaries in a variety of regional languages. We constantly updating our services since we recognize the necessity of the hour. Webcasts and podcasts function like new-age radios, and dubbing is required to reach a wider audience of listeners and watchers.

Educational films are becoming a trend in the Internet era, benefiting students, companies, and communities all around the world. Audiobooks, instructional lectures, e-learning content, and other types of content have to be converted and dubbed, and we take pleasure in being able to provide these services in a variety of Indian languages. Companies who advertise their items / solutions in video forms around the country essentially demand dubbing to reach a broader audience.

What do we offer?

• The process’s initial notion and concept was to synchronize the video’s speech with what was being presented on the screen. Specialists from many areas, such as interpreters, dubbing artists, connectors, recordists, directors, and company executives, make up the group of our dubbing specialists.
• We have a well-trained staff of dubbing artists with extensive voice-over and dubbing expertise. The process is overseen by dubbing directors, who work in close collaboration with dubbing artists as well as recordists to ensure that the client’s requirements are being met.
• Experts use cutting-edge software to assess the sound quality and the entire procedure in a separate video studio. As a result, we are able to supply our clients with assured services thanks to the combination of sophisticated technology and true skill from our artists.
• Our customers regard us as a one-stop shop for dubbing and post-production services. When our clients give over their video files to us, their obligation stops. Following that, our engaged and dynamic staff takes ownership of their project.



Subtitles are synchronized onscreen text that includes all conversation in a video. Subtitling is frequently connected with foreign films, though it may be used for a variety of purposes other than translation. They could be used as a supplement for viewers who have restricted access for sound, and they’re not advised for deaf or hard of hearing viewers since they generally lack sound effects, voice identifications, and other nuances that viewers without complete access to audio content needs. Our subtitlers are highly trained linguists who use the most up-to-date software and follow best practices. They do big amounts of work quickly while maintaining high quality. Our subtitling team provides brief editing services that effectively express content while remaining loyal to the original source.

What do we offer?

• We have a staff of highly qualified linguists that provide our important clients with high-quality results. We also make certain that the subtitling is done by translators who are native speakers of the target language. These are some of the distinguishing characteristics of our crew, which help us to stand out as one of India’s top subtitling businesses.
• Original preparation, transcribing file production, video time coding, content translations, video translations, and subtitle file generation are some of the services we provide. We can process your request immediately from video, if you simply require time coded captioning or if you need the actual caption file together with a translated subtitle file, and we can deliver your subtitle in the format you want.
• Our years of expertise in the translation sector has earned us a reputation for generating high-quality media material in Indigenous and international languages.
• The criteria are examined by our staff. Once they assess the needs; they start producing files for subtitling crew. Then, depending on the situation, concerned professionals begin transcribing, time stamping, or translation work, bearing in mind the needed format and particular guidelines.

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