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As much as the visual audio content has boomed in terms of access because of the popularity of dubbing and technology, radio and audio content that is created for the masses has gained its own pace and has found a way to reach out to the public. With modernization in audio technologies and the trend of the millenial, Podcasts and Webcasts have become the way people find pastimes and get on pace with the news and updates as well. There was a period of time when people used to listen to radios near their ear and get the update of the match scores and other news. With the technology of mobile phones and software development coming in the forefront, the radio hanging on the ear has entirely shifted to smartphones, so much so that one does not require even earphones for it now to connect.

Radio broadcasting concept. Happy radio host with microphone interviewing celebrity woman in studio. People with headset listening to radio podcast

Podcasts and Webcasts are a product of this same evolution. In layman’s terms, Podcasts are hour-long or so audio episodes involving one person talking or multiple people having a discussion on things and issues that appeal to the audience. Podcasts can be a storytelling session, poetry reading session, or just a long speech or monologue session as well. However, what they are not is that they are not songs or videos with a theme and actors. The speakers in the podcast are only available to the audience in audio form. Nobody can see the speaker/speakers. This is why Podcast is more accessible to a larger audience as compared to films and soaps because even people who have issues with visuals or are unable to watch them, can be in pace with the audio content and take the updates about news, current events, stories, media, etc- all of which comprise of podcasts and webcasts.

Dubbing a Podcast involves a separate process as compared to Films and soaps. Since there is a complete erasure of visual content in podcasts and webcasts, the only focus that is being laid is on the audio.

Podcast and webcast dubbing

As it has already been known and established that dubbing has become a globalizing aspect of creation because of the vast reach of content that is created originally, it becomes important to check out how well and precise this transition is. Podcasts are mass consumption creations. They don’t cater to a specific group of people as the audience of interest, rather they make content blanketly as to appease the masses at large. Podcasts, in this way, remain as neutral blanket content on the internet and social platforms, in audio format and files. There are music apps and video apps, who publish these podcasts and then they reach people.

The need for dubbing in Podcasts is required because, with the creation of content from creators and influencers around the world, the internet has made it possible for people to reach this content across borders and to different cultures. Dubbing can be the only way this can be achieved. Audio being spoken in Tamil or Telugu does not vibe with the people of North India because of the language barrier. At BOL, we consider dubbing as this expert activity which makes this language barrier vanish and makes the content available to people, surpassing the geographical, cultural, and social boundaries

Podcast and webcast dubbing

We at Bol Media make sure about the precision and the script of the podcast. Since it’s only audio content, dubbing would only require focusing on the voice textures in terms of presenting it as the perfect translated version. At BOL, the audio experts take the original script and the translated script and compare them to the closest perfect extent. The technicians work dedicatedly with us to bring out the simplest possible, accessible content. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything once BOL takes up the responsibility of dubbing the podcast.

Along with the above features and descriptions, Podcasts and Webcasts do need a critical yet non-complex outlook to go with them. Some of the things that should be kept in mind about it and few more reasons why Bol Media should be the choice are the following:

simplicity of the audio

Simplicity of the audio

Simplicity, just like with educational content is required, is needed here too. Podcasts are complex in the sense that one has to deliver the same impact as storytelling in visual would have, however, in this effort, the simplicity should not be compromised. As Podcasts are accessible to and becoming more and more famous within the new generation, simplicity should be found out at the core of the podcast so that it invites the audience to stick and listen to more. At Bol Media, simplicity and artistic prowess is what we focus on. A simple script is used as the translated version because the complexity confuses the audience and disturbs the flow of the audio. This is why Bol Media makes sure to deliver simplicity, without compromising on the artsy factor of it.

Globalized Markets and the needs

Mass Consumption and sharing

All of us having access to the internet and making full use of it are not unknown to the evolved version of radio communication, that is, the podcasts. The inspiration comes from that same image of crowds of people updating themselves through a scratchy voice on the low network radio. However, the finesse and cleansing of the cracks have happened because of technological evolution. Dubbing, in this way, keeps the sentiment of radio and podcasts intact. At Bol Media, we have clear distinctions of departments as to how to handle the content and make it mass appealing, yet easy and calming. You don’t have to give another worry to your problems of dubbing Podcasts when you have reached out to us.


Appealing to the young populace

Podcasts in general are mostly focused on the younger population because of the kind and category of content they explore. Most of the podcast content focuses on career, the experience of life, art, poetry, discussions on issues concurrent. This majorly appeals to the young minds consuming the content. This is why, even in a translated version, the preferences of the audience have to be kept in mind. The content in the target language has to be trendy and calming to the conscience. This is a quality of Bol Media that we analyze the audience’s needs and then provide the lingo and tone that is best suited. This is why at BOL, we ensure perfection and we deliver it.

Conclusively, Podcast is basically a classic idea of radio turned into trendy for the target populace. Dubbing of podcasts requires the specific skill of suiting it to the current generation masses. This is why dubbing requires artsy skills and simplicity at the same time. At Bol Media, we make sure you don’t get disappointed with the services, skills, and expertise at all!


Dubbing at BOL is always done by professional linguists that accurately capture the cultural nuances of your content. Our dubbed versions meet the highest technical specifications of your target country and region. Our team comprises of linguists, translators, adaptors, dubbing artists, recordists and directors that assure a high quality, lively dubbed output. Our Professional dubbing services are known for the natural flow, time synchronization and lip sync

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