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Telugu Translation In Regional & Various Other International Language


Fastest Telugu Translation Service

Here at BOL, our teams are very time efficient. Our decades of experience in translation helps us provide the fastest translation service to our clients in all sorts of fields. We have both quality as well as fastest delivery making the best combination.


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Having been worked with top brands in India already, we have a good exposure to all sorts of Telugu translation services. Our Telugu translation services has already reached to some of top brands in Indian continent including Netflix.


Certified Professional Translators

We never compromise with the quality which is why our team has highly qualified and specialized Telugu translators who have decades of experience in this domain making their work highly satisfactory and best in the industry.


100% Data Privacy & Security

Your data security is our top most priority because we know what it is like to lose important data. With us our client data is 100% secure and we maintain privacy of your precious data with us for the growth of your business.

Telugu Dubbing

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Fastest Turnaround


Our Telugu dubbing artists are trained in such a way that they produce the fastest results in the industry. Here at BOL we work in way to produce the dubbing which is rich quality wise and also gives fastest turnaround time.

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Wide Range Of Dubbing Services

We have a specialized team who have exposure to all sorts of Telugu dubbing services. We at BOL provide Telugu dubbing for various platforms such as education industry, movies, Tv shows, series, documentaries and much more.

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Specialized Dubbing


All our Telugu dubbing artists and technicians are native speakers thus making the whole dubbing process natural and special. Having been speaking the language themselves, they know the tones and emotions in dubbing.

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High Quality Telugu Dubbing

All our Telugu dubbing artists and technicians are skilled and trained to not only give fastest turnaround time but to produce best quality dubbing services to our clients. Having been working for international brands we maintain high quality standards.

Telugu Subtitling


Subtitles In Any


We provide subtitles in various formats as per the need of the customers. Our customers never need to worry about the format. We are actively delivering subtitles in .sub, .srt, .stl, or any other format for software video players


Experienced Subtitling Technicians

Subtitles are not just about translation, but more about tone, style and emotions of the content. Our Telugu subtitling technicians highly experienced in the field of subtitling making the subtitles natural and properly synchronized.


Telugu Subtitles For Any Platform

We provide Telugu subtitles for any platform you want. We have been delivering subtitles for various platforms including movies, Tv shows and serials, educational videos, documentaries, music videos and much more.

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Fastest Turnaround


Our results speak best for us. With our team of talented professionals, we have a follow a process which not only works to best suit the time of the clients but also keep quality high. We provide the fastest turnaround time.

Telugu Voice-over


Fastest Turnaround


Our voice-over artists are well experienced in the field of linguistic services which is why we give the fastest turnaround time. The companies looking for services which meet the international standards of quality come to us.


Wide Range Of Voice-over Services

We have a specialized package of Telugu voice-over services for our clients. We are actively delivering a variety of voice-overs including documentaries, movies, music, online education, radio, podcasts and also corporate voice-overs.


Specialized Voice-over


All our team members are very active and specialized in Telugu voice-over services. Having been native speakers they are well versed with regional language trends, language and tone. Our team is hardworking and passionate about their work.


High Quality Telugu Voice-over

Quality is our top most priority with the speedy delivery. Our Telugu voice-over team is highly dedicated and work hard for our clients. With our high-quality content, we always make sure that our clients are satisfied and happy.




Multiple Languages Covered

Professional Team

Highest Degree of Quality

Fastest Turnaround Time

Multiple Domains Covered

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We have got a protocol for the making the best sound.

  • STEP-1 – PREPARATION: It all begins with receiving the required materials from the clients. We will give you a detailed list of requirements. You just send in your content and we will take care of the rest.
  • STEP-2 – TRANSLATION: We take pride in telling you that we are also a translation service provider, we ourselves take care of the translations. Our translation team translates all the dialogue into the desired foreign language and forms the final script.
  • STEP-3 – CASTING: Once the script is ready, we start casting for the appropriate talent. With experienced native speakers and dubbing artists, we offer you many male and female talents with perfect pronunciation, style and tonality for your project.
  • STEP-4 – RECORDING: After the casting. dubbing director does the recording sessions of the voice actors and actively supervises them. The process is time consuming and needs to be perfect, as it needs proper lip sync with the video.
  • STEP- 5 – DALOGUE MIXING: The idea here, is to make the dialogues clean, if required. Finally we make adjustments to volume levels, pace, pitch, speech and expression, if not appropriate.
  • STEP- 6 – QUALITY CONTROL: This is an important stage of the post production process. At this stage, we check for any errors that may have occured in the dubbed file that was prepared.
  • STEP-7 – RELEASE: After a strict quality control process, we deliver the projects on or before stipulated date / time. We honor time commitments. We assure you that your projects will be delivered in time. In this final step we ensure to provide services in various formats (stereo, Blu-ray, DVD).

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