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French Translation In Regional & Various Other International Language


Fastest French Translation Service

Our team is committed to provide impeccable results in a short span of time; our experienced professionals take no time in delivering the desired output for the customer. At the same time, we maintain the quality standards.


Trusted By Business Worldwide

We uphold a strong presence in all major cities across the Globe. Our team has made it possible for us to have renowned and satisfied customers worldwide who can swear by our work and quality ethics.


Certified Professional Translators

Our dedicated team makes it easier to expand the business worldwide without any communication barrier. We have fluent French speakers who are familiar with the dialect and strive to give the best experience to our customers.


100% Data Privacy & Security

French is the official language of 29 countries across different continents, with millions of native speakers around the globe. With such a wide usage of the language, we assure 100% data privacy and security to our customers.

French Dubbing

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Fastest Turnaround


We offer urgent solutions of translation that account for delivering the precise and quality intact translation that reaches the target audience and the potential market in no time. The art of dubbing is well catered.

connect with wider multilingual audience

Wide Range Of Dubbing Services

Translation is significantly important in the corporate world, especially those companies that work globally. Dubbing is essential when target audience speaks a different language like French and here we present our services for utmost use.

manage and maintain existing workflow

Specialized Dubbing


Our troupe is well certified in the language. We comprise of members who are well equipped with the native language along with the technical jargon knowledge to fulfill all the requirements, put up by our customers.

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High Quality French Dubbing

We maintain high quality standards for our work. Our team aims at providing hassle-free services, we have members that are well versed with the language to be translated and aim for best outcomes.

French Subtitling


Subtitles In Any


Subtitling is an efficient art these days to reach the target audience efficiently. Our Subtitling experts can create French subtitles in any format according to the need of the customers with accuracy as our focus.


Experienced Subtitling Technicians

Our team dedicates itself in providing our clients with highly professional language solutions. Our team of professionals delivers you the accurately timed and perfectly translated French subtitles. They make sure that the subtitles are synchronized.


French Subtitles For

Any Platform

We deliver wide range of French subtitling services to reach the market. Translating the subtitles extends the viewer rate. In fact people are more likely engaged if there are subtitles are present in the video.

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Fastest Turnaround


On-time delivery is what matters to us the most. Our French subtitling service is well delivered within the stipend period. Our services are not only fast but also cost efficient to cater best outcomes.

French Voice-over


Fastest Turnaround


We deliver impeccable results with time efficiency as our priority. We also have firm records when it comes to delivering the output with best possible quality and accuracy and have renowned customers to affirm the same.


Wide Range Of Voice-over Services

Versatility is our look out feature. We offer wide range of French dubbing services that includes voice, commercial, theatrical or movie dubbing to name a few. Our voice talents are one of the best in business.


Specialized Voice-over


We have a specialized French voice-over team having years of expertise that cater right mood and expressions for the work. Our services are at competitive rates while also preserving the authentic tone of the content.


High Quality French Voice-over

Customer satisfaction tops our priority list. We don’t compromise when it comes to deliver the high quality French voice-overs. Our gigantic list of satisfied customers speaks volumes of the quality service we deliver.




Multiple Languages Covered

Professional Team

Highest Degree of Quality

Fastest Turnaround Time

Multiple Domains Covered

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We have got a protocol for the making the best sound.

  • STEP-1 – PREPARATION: It all begins with receiving the required materials from the clients. We will give you a detailed list of requirements. You just send in your content and we will take care of the rest.
  • STEP-2 – TRANSLATION: We take pride in telling you that we are also a translation service provider, we ourselves take care of the translations. Our translation team translates all the dialogue into the desired foreign language and forms the final script.
  • STEP-3 – CASTING: Once the script is ready, we start casting for the appropriate talent. With experienced native speakers and dubbing artists, we offer you many male and female talents with perfect pronunciation, style and tonality for your project.
  • STEP-4 – RECORDING: After the casting. dubbing director does the recording sessions of the voice actors and actively supervises them. The process is time consuming and needs to be perfect, as it needs proper lip sync with the video.
  • STEP- 5 – DALOGUE MIXING: The idea here, is to make the dialogues clean, if required. Finally we make adjustments to volume levels, pace, pitch, speech and expression, if not appropriate.
  • STEP- 6 – QUALITY CONTROL: This is an important stage of the post production process. At this stage, we check for any errors that may have occured in the dubbed file that was prepared.
  • STEP-7 – RELEASE: After a strict quality control process, we deliver the projects on or before stipulated date / time. We honor time commitments. We assure you that your projects will be delivered in time. In this final step we ensure to provide services in various formats (stereo, Blu-ray, DVD).

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